About Us

Our Vision

The long-term vision for Cachalia Capital is to build an asset management company across all asset classes with a diverse product offering.
Cachalia Capital aims to achieve institutional quality success, both in South Africa and according to global standards.

Our people

The Cachalia Capital investment team has diversity of skills, experience and demographic background. The members of this investment team share a common goal in terms of passion for investment markets and the desire to drive performance, grow assets and build a successful asset manager. Our diverse backgrounds enable depths of insight and rigorous debate, which is complementary and a contributor to success.

Why Cachalia Capital?

The key decision makers are experienced fund managers with respectable track records.

100PercentOwner Managed Asset Manager
8YearPerformance Track Record
100PercentFemale Owned

Our History

Cachalia Capital was founded by Mashuda Cassim in 2011 and made history by becoming South Africa’s first black female-owned and managed asset manager. We have illustrated to both capital owners and their advisors that our excellent market-beating eight-year track record proves black and female-owned asset managers are every bit as capable as any other industry participant.     

While Old Mutual Group was a shareholder, with a 26% stake in the company between May 2015 to January 2016, Cachalia Capital repurchased this stake in January 2016. Cachalia Capital is since 100% owner-managed asset management business with a level 1 BBB-EE rating. 


5-year anniversary

Achieved the milestone 5-year anniversary of managing third party institutional assets


The 2016 Buyout

Buyout of third-party corporate shareholder to become a 100% female owned and run equity asset manager


Financial Services Board Approval

Approval granted by the FSB as a licensed Financial Services Provider (for discretionary fund management)



Mashuda Cassim founds Cachalia Capital

The key decision makers are experienced fund managers with respectable track records. Collectively, the team holds diverse and valuable experience in relevant areas of the institutional investment management industry, with knowledge of industry best practices regarding investment systems, tools and processes. This prior experience and knowledge is carried forward into Cachalia Capital, to ensure the business is run to a high standard and in a sound manner.

Given that the investment team is small and focused, the decision-making process is quick, informed and effective. This nimbleness is a distinct advantage. In addition, given our limited Assets under Management we believe that this enables us to take meaningful positions in small caps, which would be unlikely to be replicable at higher levels of assets under management. This should be to the benefit of the portfolios performance and ultimately our clients.